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Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
BJJ & Martial Arts training for kids in Houma

Our Youth Jiu-Jitsu students develop efficiency in martial arts concepts and techniques as they grow into skilled, effective and confident leaders focused on reciprocally developing others and our communities. 

The benefits of martial arts training for children are well documented, and at Evolution Training Martial Arts, our instructors focus on the following traits:

  • Self Confidence. Learning control of self and others builds confidence in a child’s ability to manage their environment.

  • Fitness. BJJ is a particularly physical martial art that builds kids’ coordination, strength, and overall fitness.

  • Discipline. The repetition, details, rhythms, rules, and protocols used for class assist in building kids' self-discipline.

  • Self Motivation. Kids track their progress and success as they work for their next level, their next belt, or that next technique.

  • Focus. BJJ classes help kids focus their mind and body towards learning increasingly complex techniques and strategies.

We believe these skills will help kids apply themselves to new challenges throughout their lives.  To be blunt, this is not day care…your child will be learning advanced martial arts, and will learn how to handle themself as well as how to play well with others!!


We offer classes for kids age 6 and up.  It is important in Jiu-Jitsu for kids to have safe training partners that understand sportsmanship, so we spend a lot of time teaching new students what it takes to be a "great training partner.:  While many academies offer kids’ classes run by junior instructors or lower level adult students, our kids classes are run by our most advanced instructors at Evolution Training Martial Arts in Houma!

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