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Self Defense

Evolution Training Combatives (Self-Defense) is a comprehensive hand-to-hand combat system that incorporates the skill sets of wrestlers, kickboxers, MMA fighters, knife and gunfighters, Judoka, and elite U.S. Military groups. This system has been refined, and is continually enhanced, through continuing education pursuits of both instructors and students.

Evolution Training's self-defense oriented curriculum (as opposed to sport-oriented curricula) presents a realistic and effective self-defense system, providing instruction in the basics of both grappling and striking. From day one, students learn important concepts necessary to increase their chances of surviving life-threatening situations: 

  • Learn and be tested on techniques and positions that statistically occur most frequently in self-defense situations.

  • Build situational awareness and learn precise techniques to de-escalate, neutralize, and survive life-threatening situations.

  • Appropriate for women, men, and teens interested in empowering themselves to become more capable community members.

Our Evolution Training Martial Arts program provides the following benefits:
  • Highly experience & professional Instructors (Certified through Instructor Training Program)

  • Self-Defense focused curriculum (instead of focusing on competition styles)

  • Deep integration of important martial arts concepts into daily training

  • Safe (advanced & respectful) and welcoming training partners provide a fun and challenging daily experience

  • Time on the mat + highest level instruction + excellent training partners = efficient learning of complex skills

  • Become the martial arts BEAST that you are capable of becoming!


Our program provides students with a safe and welcoming training environment. Grappling skills cannot be faked or rushed…there is no way around it…just TRAIN!


Self-Defense note: There are lots of myths and pet theories out there about self-defense that can be outright dangerous for students trying to advance themselves.


One such ‘theory’ is that because it is very dangerous to be on the ground, people simply need to stay off the ground. While this makes good common sense, it is ABSOLUTELY unrealistic.

There are 2 distinct problems with this pet theory:

1) OFTEN you simply have to be on the ground, so ACCEPT that fact.

2) In order to successfully stay off of the ground, you must learn some form of standup grappling (wrestling, Judo, MMA, BJJ). For example, it is very (very, very) easy to pull an untrained person to the ground. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to pull a wrestler or even a mid-level Judoka (Judo student) to the ground. They simply know the tricks and have trained their body to be stable, coordinated, strong, and fluent. The Advanced BJJ Program is the solid foundation upon which you can build advanced self-defense skills (about 80% of the self-defense big picture).

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