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Adult Jiu-Jitsu Program

From beginner to advanced BJJ training

Our BJJ curriculum at Evolution Training combines various martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, Judo, MMA, kickboxing, etc.) into a highly effective, technical, and comprehensive self-defense oriented martial arts system.


New students appreciate our friendly, supportive atmosphere at Evolution Training Martial Arts as they start or continue their martial arts lifestyle. Our beginner classes (BJJ Foundations & Combatives) focus on the concepts and basic skills that immediately improve one’s ability to handle dangerous circumstances. Our intermediate to advanced training opportunities then build on those critical concepts by training the body to automatically respond in a natural, coordinated, and effective fashion.


The instructors at Evolution Training maintain a training environment aimed at maximizing students’ learning and minimizing training injuries, all in fun, challenging classes. This is accomplished by utilizing such training techniques as 50/50 drilling and flow training that enable the student to use new techniques with willing partners instead of trying to immediately apply a new technique with 100% resistance!

ernest ellender phd houma bjj
ernest ellender phd houma bjj
ernest ellender phd houma bjj

Our BJJ Foundations (and Combatives) classes are expressly focused on developing sound basics in both the sport of BJJ and in reality-based self-defense situations. These classes are the perfect place to get started! The curriculum for this class covers all material that new students need to grow from first-day white belt into a well-rounded, competent blue belt.


Our proven core curriculum offers deep understanding of the concepts, strategies, vocabulary and rules of BJJ, as well as a clear understanding of the important differences between sport BJJ and self-defense oriented martial arts training. This well-rounded picture of Jiu-Jitsu offers a major jump start towards developing higher level skills.



Students are encouraged to focus heavily on the fundamentals classes as they get started; however, students can also engage in the rest of our martial arts classes from day one! We encourage students to move at their own pace, and to speak to instructors when they encounter concerns or questions about training at Evolution Training, or questions about the martial arts lifestyle in general.  While our program focuses primarily on developing reality-based self-defense skills, some students also enjoy participating in sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions. When competing, our students (youth and adults) perform well on both the local and national stages of competition.



While martial arts training is often a predominantly male-dominated field, we have seen a significant increase in women participating in recent decades (which we thoroughly applaud). Because of our safe and supportive training environment at Evolution Training, our female membership has grown steadily over the years. Train together, and we all get stronger!!

Let’s talk for a second about what a supportive training environment means…

We talk about Jiu-Jitsu as our “daily dose of reality” due to its physically and emotionally challenging nature. When starting out, however, we consider it of little value to immediately ‘test’ oneself against extreme stress. It seems to be common sense that new students (female AND male) benefit most by a lot of instruction, repetition of new techniques, and light-resistance sparring to steadily build their skill sets and confidence. Our supportive environment refers to this unique combination of training strategies and, just as important, training attitudes of fellow students. This is not to be mistaken for ‘taking it easy on girls’ or offering a watered-down version of the martial art. You will learn THE REAL DEAL…and just like the guys, you will learn it in a supportive environment that steadily increases the pressure and challenges as you become ready for it!  Our advanced women train safely, confidently, and effectively with the entire team as they challenge themselves to their “daily dose of reality.”

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