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Frequently Asked Questions
What age do you start kids at Evolution Training Martial Arts?

We start kids at 6 years old!  Our Guerrilla Youth Program is the perfect way to introduce your child to martial arts.


I don't see prices on the website. How much does it cost to join Evolution?

We offer some amazing programs at Guerrilla.  Depending on your situation (schedule, family members, programs), pricing may vary.  Give us a call so we can schedule a free private lesson, trial class, and membership fee structure that matches your situation.


I have never trained before. Which program should I start first?

When first learning Jiu-Jitsu, we recommend focusing on the Fundamental Jiu-Jitsu classes.  This program will give you the tactical, technical, and conceptual knowledge to defend yourself and your family.  The fundamentals program offers the fundamentals of both self-defense concepts and sport Jiu-Jitsu for a well-balanced understanding of how to train safely and effectively. 

Do I need to buy a uniform before signing up?

First you can try a FREE private lesson or class before deciding to sign up. Once you are signing up, then you will need a uniform for BJJ classes. Students taking only kickboxing classes will not need a (kimono/gi) uniform, but will need protective gear (gloves, rash guard, etc.).


Do you offer family discounts?

Yes!  All immediate family receive discounts.  The second family member gets 50% and all other immediate family members get more off their memberships.

Will I get hurt doing jiu-jitsu?

While there is an inherent risk of injury with all physical activities, we take great pride in structuring our Fundamental Programs to mitigate injury and keep everyone on a solid path of learning.

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